Fapturbo/Evolution and Megadroid/Pro

Hi guys, may i know which of the following EA is for multi-market conditions, is it Fapturbo/Evolution or Megadroid/Pro?

Megadroid is “multi-market” in the sense that it trades the EURUSD and other european currency pairs during the asian session — a time when these pairs are not actively traded.

What you will notice is that during these times, these pairs stick well within a predefined price range – MOST of the time. Megadroid tries to actively predict what this range is, and where it is possibly going to go, and then attempts to scalp it for about 10 pips at a time.
Over a long period of time, these scalps tend to add up.

Occasionally though, trending can appear during the Asian session. Oftentimes spikes happen, where the price shoots through the range and returns on retracement, so it doesn’t work all the time, but it does enough of the time to be long-term profitable.