I heard good things and tried the demo and it looks legit but i still dont know if i should buy it? can anyone help… posted link to it so you can see demo

FAPTURBO First Real Money Forex Trading Robot | Automated Forex Trading on AutoPilot

Before one of those old guys gets ahold you…

They’ll probably say something like…if buying software to trade for you was the way to make you a millionaire everyone would do it, aaaaand, if these products were as good as they say they are they would be worth and cost waaaaaaaay more than just a few hundred bucks :smiley: (did I word it right guys?)

Myself personally I would rather be in control of my own trades anyway.

Nothings that easy and if it were it wouldn’t be put on a platter like that and served directly to the little guys.


ok fine , have goodday

Yep, you worded it just fine. :smiley:

Are we really that predictable?? :slight_smile:

yes, happy weekend

Well I know that is too good to be true, but I bought another robot, Forexmegatrion, and I had great results, it open positions all day and make small profits all day long, so at the end I am gaining around $100.00 a day, for 30 days that makes $3000.00 a month and for me that is great, because there is no other business that make that kind of money without working very hard. So I don�t know about fapturbo, but I tried a robot Forexmegatrion, and for me is great. Good luck.

I just finished extensive testing of fapturbo. I should have saved the graphs to show you. But the results basically… on backtesting and forward testing on a demo account. prior to feb 2007 it makes big gains with almost no draw downs. After that date it has lots of big drawdowns. Conclusion? The creators optimized and curve fitted it for the 2007 and earlier time period and it does not live up to the hype after that date. Does it work? yes about 100% a year, better than the stock market but doesnt live up to the hype. Would I trade it on a live account? NO, not with the huge stop loss compared to the small take profit. If anyone wants, I’ll post the graphs to prove my point.