FAPTurbos integrity

Here is an email I sent to FAPTurbo support. Lets see what happens.

"I am writing this email to express my disappointment at seeing my results for FAPTurbo as advertising .
The results under drptrading are genuine results from February 2009 to May 2009 since then ,
And the overselling of this EA it has made no money at all.
I was asked about 2 months ago if I would allow them to use my results in their advertising and I said NO.
They have since done it anyway. I am pissed off.
Remove my results from your advertising now.
I will post this email on numerous forums so that the forex community know what you are up to.

This EA really has promise but the EA developers greed will bite them on the ass. Although they will still have our money.
I hope its worth it.

Integrity or money its your choice… I know what I cherish more."


Many people I have chatted to seem to believe that Fapturbo’s backtest was curvefitted.

Fapturbo is also INCAPABLE of adapting to market conditions. (especially since these days, the market condition is hardly stable)

Hate to break this to you, but most commercial EAs are either scams or junk - with free ones not being much better. You are better off going to Las Vegas and betting $1000s on blackjack. Sure you may win and double your money — but it’s STILL a gamble! (and it will be all over a lot quicker)

There are VERY FEW expert advisors that:-

  • are not curefitted
  • backtest incredibly well over ten years
  • attempt to adapt to market conditions
  • do not have ridiculous stop loss settings (or no settings at all)
  • are cheap
  • are not scams of free EAs that you can find freely off the internet
  • is not some half-heartedly programmed EA that is just sold with overhyped unrealistic marketing.
  • does not use a martingale system
  • are not susceptible to broker spreads and MT4 execution.
  • are profitable in forward testing on a live account

…and unfortunately I cannot tell you which ones they are, or I’ll seem like some scamming affiliate slug… so I won’t. However, I’ve given you a laundry list of what to look for in an EA. Thing is, when you look through all the EAs, you’ll find that most of them will have a hang-up on one of the issues I mentioned above, and you will eventually lose your money anyway.

Fapturbo had it’s run. Let it die in peace, and let them sell you the next EA so they can take more money from you.

I’ve not used any EA on any live trade before, and never will. But if EA providers issue a ‘new’ version every 3-6 months, then aren’t all the red flags up? it just means that their ‘new’ version has been curve fitted for the previous 6 months to give amazing results. And 6 months later, they curve fit another EA for a ‘newer’ version.


Fapturbo has integrity. The developers of the world’s most successful forex trading robot have now made it even better.The developers have given access to the software to 4 reputable traders who have been trading live accounts since June as well as their own trading account. It is a forex trading robot, in other words, it is a software program that will trade automatically with a forex trading program called metatrader. Metatrader is the software a lot of forex brokers use so that their clients can trade forex with them.There have been 43000 copies of fapturbo sold worldwide. The simple reason is this, it works. However, it has been so successful, there have some brokers that have been creating a trading environment that is not conducive for Fapturbo.