Favorite book on FX?

I love reading every book I can find when I can’t be in front of a computer. If you could just have one or two books on FX which would it be? My favorite is Steve Nisons, Japanese candlstick charting, 2nd edition because it covers Western Technical Analysis & Candlesticks. I also love the book Day Trading the currency Market" by Kathy Lien because she gives great advice and strategies to the new currency trader.


bird watching in lion country by Dr forex … the best book i have read and a very good place for anyone new to forex to start

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all the books mentioned are great books. Add to that list Warrior Trading and Trading In The Zone.

I have the John Murphy Technical Analysis book. Bloody big book and too much info for me. Things became a lot clearer when I found babypips ages ago and I learnt a damn sight more from the school.

Things became as clear as an unmuddied lake. As clear as an azure sky of deepest summer.

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At least this affiliate offers a guarantee. See the limited guarantee. They even post the emails received from the email squeeze and the first chapter of the book.

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Mine is BabyPip.com’s School of Pipsology. :smiley:

I agree with forex ninja!!!


here you go :wink: :
1-trading in the zone
2-trade your way to financial freedom

I don’t have any books with a focus on pure FX.

But I want to know if any of you have read Forex Revolution, despite the somewhat tacky title, it looks like an interesting book that tells you how the market works. Parts played by different participants and institutions and such.

I’m not looking for a “get rich fast” book, just one that can explain to my how the mechanics of the currency-world works.