Featured Women Forex Traders: March's Picks!

i am new comer and i did not know the rules of this forum can you help me in this matter i shall be highly obliged in this best regards.

Lol… Women traders… Good one :wink:

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hmmm… most traders are men… most traders loose…
talk about correlated pairs!


What are the stats? Only 5% of traders are successful and only 5% of traders are girls?

Felt that one right in the testosterone.

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really impressed by these women. It’s particularly interesting to hear their views on differences/similarities between the methods/attitudes of male and female traders. I agree with what Grania says!

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Grania says?? what do u mean spearsy…

I like granny trader. She already had all we dont have, like:

  1. Overmoney from dead ‘husband shoes’
  2. Oversweet
  3. Overcute
  4. Overjewelry


Just joke… Well, commonly women trader usually trade gold.
At least, its fact that i know :slight_smile:

By reading these 3 beautiful successful Women Traders, I have found that they have similar attributes such as:

1.) Passion/Vision
2.) Thoughtful risk-taker
3.) Professionalism
4.) They are successful women traders because they don’t use being a woman as an excuse for not succeeding.

Definitely, we need more successful women traders :slight_smile:


Well if they keep watching and learning from us male traders here, your kind may stand a chance!

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It would be interesting to know the percentage of women who enter trading compared to the percentage of successful female traders. I am willing to bet that the success rate is higher then men.

Do math logic:

Female try to search male profitable trader = raise %
Male dont try to search female profitable trader = unchanged %

ofcourse they have higher percentage. Coz several of them will search the 5% of profitable male trader in the world and merge with that percentage :slight_smile:

It might be true… Not a lot of women are willing to invest the time and energy into trading. Most women know that trading is a “mans” world and they don’t want to deal with it. Emotion is at stake all the time and not a lot of women can handle it.

However, a woman who enter in trading business, most if not all, come prepared what they will be expecting and willing to take risk (a thoughtful one)…

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Idk about this. I think it’s more of a mans world. Me are more left brained :-D. Cut a dry and less emotional we deal better with math and science women are better at language and art. Men are more finicky tho(get side tracked easily lol) I think women have it in them to stay with something longer. Just my opinion.

I don’t know about traders but they always act as market makers…always hunting our stops (wallets) :wink:

lol… good one though…

You might wanna look out your “stop losses” so they don’t come frequently…

Cant help but think it is higher :slight_smile:

My last girlfriend of 3 years was a full time forex trader. I think she loved her charts and monitors more than me. :frowning: Learned a lot about technical analysis in the process! Kudos to the list of awesome female traders!

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Bummer ha. I guess that’s why you are here too trying to learn or honing your skills in trading…Good-luck!

We believe it is much more of the male’s globe. Me personally tend to be more remaining brained. Reduce the dried out as well as much less psychological. all of us offer much better along with mathematics as well as technology ladies tend to be much better from vocabulary as well as artwork. Males tend to be more finicky. I believe ladies contain it inside them to remain along with some thing lengthier.Merely my opinion.

Hello traders!

A little (late) contribution to this thread, to revive it a little:

Trading: A Woman’s World? How to Join the Successful 5% | The Next Women - Business Magazine

An interesting article, avoiding too many stereotypes on men and women.