Fed emergency rate cut due to coronavirus

This just happened. ECB and BOJ, next?

What exactly do you want to know?

I can’t see JPY cutting any further into negative.
ECB maybe but again I also don’t see them cutting further.

Fiscal stimulus is needed more than cutting rates to be honest.

Corona problem is the focus of the world. The Fed cut interest rates to 0.5% is also correct but too surprising.

Just a move that came a bit out of nowhere.

I agree that the whole of the world is fighting with the coronavirus. But I know a lot of people who gave direction to their lives. Many of them started to make investments in one or the other type of market based on their personal interests. I think COVID-19 has affected lives both ways, positively and negatively.

I don’t think that there have only been negative effects of coronavirus on people. Some people got a chance to think about their lives and careers. Not going far, we have seen so many new forex traders entering the market and choosing it as a career. It clearly shows that there have also been its positive impacts somewhere.

Of course there are some positive effects of coronavirus in case we speak about its relation world economics,. Some economical scientists are sure that crisises which happen once in a decade are sometimes very useful for economics, you know. They help economics to cheer a bit and reload. For some people, from the point of financial condition, coronavirus became a chance to start their own business online and create something new that never existed before. I think it’s very cool because new workplaces were created, new spheres of our livelihood which affect economics in a good way. Well, corona is bad, but not for everything.