Festive season trading

My question is for those with few/many years experience of trading… How is trading environment during the festive season? I have this fear, hope its not a time things go off… Please do share your experience of what usually happen at this time to help inform my trade too… Thanks.

Long-term trading - no different to other times of year, except if you use weekly bars in your TA there are some shorter weeks due to holiday closures.

The daily ranges tend to drop off in December and January - you can see this by looking at a daily ATR

The week between Christmas and new year is supposedly pretty volatile, Calendar effect…!
But looking back on the charts it doesn’t seem to be on currencies maybe stocks/shares bonds or something just read it on some study paper thingy.

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There is no such influence of seasons on the results of forex trading. A forex trader just requires to ensure rational decision making by analyzing the significant factors that can lead him success.