Find the daily trading signals on fx major pairs here

Looking promising so far!

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Joined not long ago and it’s still going down😉…thank you FMFOREX for what u do here.

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So GBPJPY : Sell @ 139.000 or 139.150 TP : 150 pips.

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who is on CHFJPY?

Didn’t get d signal so not on.
I have a question,GbpJpy has hit d first entry…for someone dat entered at dat point is it a bad idea, considering d Market ryt now?

Not bad…but you may need to trade with stop loss above 50 pips.

Oh ok…thanks

Sell EURAUD @ market price …tp : 70 pips

Try buying EURUSD and GBPUSD now…TP : 50 -80 pips each


GBPJPY may no longer go down…

FMFOREX keep up the good work

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GBPCAD is now available for buy. TP : 50 -100 pips

Sell EURAUD now…profit 50 pips

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Likewise GBPAUD : 50 pips

Sell EU @ 1.17700 TP : 50 pips

Which currency pair sorry?

EURUSD is the pair

thanks sir… sell stop set successfully

You may close your EURAUD …and set GBPCAD sell order to 1.73250 TP : 100 pips

Please close GBPCAD order for now.

Only sell around 1.73700 or 1.72800…or if you can increase your stop loss…continue with current entry