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If you trade with less than 100$…take profits…if you’re trading with more than $100 ,please endure the swings.The worst that can happen is for price to hit your stop loss

Yea…if it doesn’t hit it…we look still look for a cheaper place to buy tomorrow…just that I’m anticipating against tomorrow data release.

Oh Ok thanks for the response.

Your GU trade is complete and EU turned@1.183 the trade is in progress

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Sell EURGBP @ 0.92050 or 0.92250 TP : 100 pips

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Can we take both trades?

Yes.Depending on your risk management

Buy GBPUSD @ 1.2900 TP : 200 pips

Buy GBPCAD @ 1.69800 TP : 200 pips

Considering where price is at now and d EP,will the pullback to the EP for GC and GU also affect EURGBP to go back up?

So we should buy the pullback to that price?

No,price is not below d Entry Point… it’s above it,hence my question.

You’re right on the money with this one.

I must say, you’re providing a great service here, especially for beginners. However, there will be a lot of disappointed people here if you suddenly disappeared one day.

I would recommend that everyone open up a 1H chart and analyze each trade before taking it, simply just to learn and understand this simple strategy.

Keep up the good work.

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It’s likely but may not be significant.If you can’t endure the pullback, 80 pips is a good profit

Ofcourse will heed to this

I’m not you’re not depending on H1 chart only for analysis.

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Really great job with EURGBP! Thank you!

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No, of course not. 1H, 4H, daily, you have to look at the whole picture. But with GBP, dealing with 70-100 pips you can see what you are thinking in regards to market structure. Baby steps for newbies who are trying to learn.

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EURGBP hit TP of 100pips…wow!!!

Thanks for that.

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Please buy CHFJPY at current price : TP : 100 PIPS

Please hold GC and GU trade