Find the daily trading signals on fx major pairs here

You can sell EURJPY,GBPJPY and CHFJPY all…tp : 100 pips

As usual, today is Friday…time to harvest feedback. How can you rate this week signal ? Any area for improvement? Please share.


This week’s signals did a good job so far,d bad apple was yesterday but I guess it’s one of those days in forex, it’s bound to happen.

Keep the good work up…thanks.

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Any update on these 3,CJ and EJ are still stalling while GJ made a little move downward… should we still hold on?

If you can’t afford taking losses…you can close them


I’m a newbie. Can you tell me what CJ, EJ and GJ means

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Short form for currency pairs… CHFJPY,EURJPY and GBPJPY.

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Thank you very much. I will keep following the trend here

Hey guys please I’m new around here

Dear fmforex, last week was good really appreciate. Keep up the good work


Sell AUDNZD now

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Just seeing this
Can I still sell

Happy new week every one.

I’m seeing it now and according to d charts…u can take it now,I am too.

Janey, I’m just joining you know
We can use any time frame I guess

More like higher time frames tho.

Are we still running the AUDNZD?

How to find you on fb?

Yes.It’s still running

Search for Femi Aderogba

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