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I took GU and my entry was 27400 so it’s just got below it now,Any adjustments on the TP?

80-100 PIPS is cool

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hi im new and i would like to know how we know when you post something in here ? whitout looking at this page 24/5 ?

Maybe through my FB

Make your TPs 50 pips

Sell GBPJPY @ 134.350 TP : 50 pips

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Good day, Is GBPJPY still running?i mean it’s ok to take it today right?

Yes.You can

Ok thanks…

GBPJPY TP hit successfully…:blush:.

You can also close GPBUSD and let’s take a short break

I believe the trading week is fruitful.

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Sure will do.

Very fruitful :100:.

It’s Friday. I need feedback on this week signals. What are your opinions? Please share !

It’s awesome, thanks. I guess you are more of swing trader than day trader

It was a good one and d trades were more of Swing trades but it was nice…we all just needed Patience.
Solid week.

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Yes.From next week I will consider giving signals based on day trading…50-70 pips take profits in all.

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As long as it’s good. I am okay with it both swing and day trade. You are awesome :heavy_heart_exclamation: and a good heart

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That’s a great idea…thank you for considering that, God bless.

I’m still ok with anyone.

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