Finding fundamental analysis data

I’m curious to know which sites you use to obtain fundamental data, i use forexfactory.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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I don’t use fundamentals at all but I’m open to the idea that maybe I should if it would help trading. What info in particular have you found most useful?

for now im practising on a demo account i will go live next month, im a big fan of this guy:


I think there are two ways of looking at this, apart from trading purely on fundamental info. The problem with just fundamentals is trying to define suitable entry/exit levels.

If one uses TA then I think one can either:

  • Build a view based on the changing fundamental picture and then use the TA structure to validate the view and identify the suitable levels, or

  • Trade the TA but follow the fundamental background causing the moves in order to “flesh out” theTA picture and give some feeling whether the move is more likely a longer term trend or a short term fluctuation.

For example, I trade TA but identifying the main current fundamental issues such as the current trade wars helps to recognise which news is most likely to produce the biggest responses.

I guess with currency pairs, though, there are always two sets of fundamentals to have to weigh up in order to select which events are most likely to cause a move and in which direction! :thinking:

Besides, following the fundamental issues, and what is moving the world, only adds interest to one’s existence even if one trades purely TA! :smiley:

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Any economic calendar, central bank websites to read press conferences, Google.

Up to a point I agree. When the UK’s EU membership result was Leave, it could have been foreseen that a viable trade principle would be sell GBP, buy JPY. And keep doing this until the Brexit details are resolved. Meantime avoid buying EUR and CHF as these economies are so intricately involved with the fortunes of the UK economy. GBP/USD might be another sell principle.

And while China’s economy has been weaker than hoped and they are undergoing a trade war with the US, similarly, sell AUD, buy JPY and USD would be highlighted. And if AUD and Australia’s economy goes down, NZD probably tracks it.

And yes, looking at price now compared with 6 months ago, 12 months ago, 18 months ago, 24 months ago, these are all pretty profitable positions to be in.

The trouble is the price action in the interim periods would have killed anyone with draw-down and margin hoping to just follow the fundamentals. FA might be fine for target selection and eventual direction of travel but everything else in the armoury has to come from the charts - entry prices/patterns, stops, draw-down tolerance, risk management, take profits - and therefore position sizing, margin management, scaling in/out, pyramiding etc. etc.

The TA reflects the FA. If FA occurs and its effects are shown in the chart, that TA is the call to action. If FA occurs and its effects are not seen in price movement, its premature (maybe permanently) to act on it. If price action is seen which cannot be explained by FA, it is not wrong to trade it.

In this sense, every TA trader responds to FA because FA (usually) drives price. Or at least motivates it.

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Basándome en todo lo que he leído y en mi experiencia personal, sólo se pueden sacar datos fundamentales de un sitio: informes COT
(CommitmentsofTraders), es una web donde publican los datos oficiales de todos los inversores en un activo particular. Nos encontramos muchas veces que las noticias evalúan a un activo de una manera y los grandes especuladores se posicionan en el lado contrario. No hay que fiarse de los datos fundamentales de una empresa o de una divisa, sólo hay que seguir el rastro del dinero, y estos informes son gratuítos y muy útiles.

Into English -

“Based on everything I’ve read and my personal experience, only fundamental data can be extracted from a site: COT reports
(CommitmentsofTraders), is a website where they publish the official data of all investors in a particular asset. We find many times that the news evaluates an asset in a way and the big speculators are positioned on the opposite side. Do not rely on the fundamental data of a company or a currency, just follow the money trail, and these reports are free and very useful.”

Maybe you meant to post this here? -

Yes thanks

Thanks, I’ll watch it.