Finding Trades/Strategy for 2 hours of trading daily

Hope this community might be able to help. I’m new to trading, have a demo account (or two), I’m keen to learn and want to see if I can actually put into practice a strategy before risking any cash. The issue I have is that I’m a bit limited on time and realistically have about 2 hours per day (around London session opening) to trade and I’m struggling to find set ups. It’s going to be tricky seeing if I can implement a strategy if I don’t open any trades! I guess I’m looking for ideas for a simple strategy that is likely to give a few potential entries within this sort of timeframe (I’m also restricting myself to USD, EUR, GBP combinations to try and get a better understanding of how they work together). Any ideas, thoughts, suggestions would be great, thanks.

Do some research into long-term trend-following or swing trading using daily charts, or London Opening Range Break-out trades if you prefer intra-day stuff. There is really no need to sit watching a screen all day in order to trade.

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If you are not US based you also have a range of commodities and stock indexes to choose from.

There tends to be less intra day volatility on indexes which makes them suitable for beginners

As and End of day trader you realistically only need 1 hr a day.

Look at end of day plans to suit your lifestyle , the higher timeframes would be better ie day and 4 hr. Here is a simple plan that may help