First 100 pip day

I just want to thank Elang, James and couple of the other senior members here for guiding guys through trades, I appreciate all the knowledge.
I want to thank baby pips for providing such extensive lessons in the world of forex.
Today was my first 100 pip plus profitable day (although I only traded mini lots) I feel it is definatley a milestone. Oh well, I hope I can keep it up somehow, lets hope the markets keep trending.

Well Done And Keep It Up!

Thats fantabular!!

I will be posting a few very effective methods soon and hope you can add those to your trading arsenal.

Great news!!

Keep it up and good luck with your endeavours!!

E. Lang

Thanks guys looking forward to it

Don’t worry about you 100 pips being a mini trade. You can be excited even if it is a demo trade. It is better to be careful with a mini account then to lose it all on a standard account.

Bravo! :smiley: There’s nothing wrong with minis.