Forex Absolute Newbie

Hello everyone, I’m new to this whole forex trading world. I am willing to start this new chapter in my life as a trader and become financially independent. I wanna do this for me and my family’s future. I am starting the course right now.

Hope to talk to you soon with any thoughts and doubts.


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Welcoooome. :blush: I really wish you get to succeed in this for you and your family. :blush: Have you started with learning about forex? :smiley:

Thanks a lot! I just started this site’s courses. All good for now!

Welcome to Babypips! Enjoy learning with the School of Pipsology and best of luck!

Welcome to this free education site. Which is the best you’ll get while learning how to trade properly. Give it a try and see if it suits your lifestyle.

Take it slowly, be prepared to work damn hard for 8 months, and see where you are then. if you can manage to become a breakeven trader, you’re doing well as 90% of newbies are not successful, and blow all their capital in this speculative market. Beware.

best of luck.

Good to have you at babypips mate. Hope you’ll spend a good time on learning and understanding the markets and everything else. Wishing you luck!
P.S - Don’t forget to demo trade.

Welcome to the community. You are at the right place and you will lear a lot of new things here.