Forex Broker With Free API..?

Well, there are many brokers that support API. But all of them are windows and C+, JAVA. I’d like to know a broker that supports API for PHP.


Use MT4, or even MT5, if you can do PHP, it shouldn’t take you long to figure out mql.

Thanks for the reply.

Well, i can code MT4 expert divisors. But the problem is that i can’t run the mql in my shared account server. My shared account server supports only PHP and perl. So, I’d like to have API access thought PHP only. Can you please guide me?

I just can’t think of a way to make it possible, which could be why I’ve never come across it.

Would a bridge not work in this case? I’m not too technically skilled though. Try asking goldylox.

There are broker APIs, but as far as I know none of them are free.

There may be third party APIs for MT4, but I’m not aware of any and I doubt they would be free.

I think that leaves rolling your own API. That is not a trivial effort and no doubt that there is nothing available. If you wrote one, would you offer it to the world?

What a strange coincidence. I was reading the other forum and I happened to see an old MT4 API thread which I had never seen before. It had a link to the MT4 website which has a link to another webiste. I have no idea if it is any good.

New API MetaTrader 4 AVAILABLE - MQL4 forum

As I know I dont know of any free APIs myself either. You can use a bridge or just pay for it. Or you could just convert to C# :stuck_out_tongue: . I know most of the trading programs i use out there use C# it would be more acceptable for other platforms

Well, its true that for a broker to support API it will cost them. So, it wont be free. Yet, i’m hoping against hope!

Thanks for the link. But the file link is dead. And also i’m totally blank about C#, C++
Moreover, to use the MT4 API, i need to install MT4 in my server which in not allowed by my server!

The problem with C# is that even if i learn also i cant use it because my hosting server supports only PHP and Perl :frowning: