Forex Challenge: Can you make a living from trading via prop firm FTMO?


I find the concept of FTMO interesting, I tried the Trial and completed it in 3 hrs. I will be signing up for the challenge soon.

The mentality of trading a bigger account feels different but as long as you have the basics and good money management then I think it could be a good partnership.
I have been trying to find info on people actually making money and how long they are trading without breaking the rules not many out there only cherry picked interviews.

I am by no means a professional trader still learning daily but if they give you the challenge money back then its a win win.


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Maxim draw down is 10% on 100,000 USD = 10,000 that means the actual amount your trading is 10,000 USD NOT 100,000 as the remaining 90.000 USD doe’snt exist.

Therefore the so called 5% on the 100,000 is actually 50% of the 10,000 USD you can actually trade. So the FTMO Challenge that requires 10% in one month is actually 100% of the 10,000 USD you can use for the Challenge.

It’s a slight of hand, If I gave you a credit card with a 100,000 USD credit facility and you pay me 500 usd for the facility however, if at any time you withdraw more than 5000 usd on the day or 10,000 overall that credit facility get’s locked off and the account is closed. Then you never had a 100,000 in the first place but 10,000 minus the 500 you paid for the privilege. Shall be doing a video on this soon. Once Baby pips allows me to do so.

It all depends on the type of trading one does. Scalping it becomes highly relevant but swing trading less so, IMHO.

Im gona try the challenge on 31st August. Let you guys know how I get on.

I’m definitely gearing up for giving it a shot. I figure I can trade using .5% risk and going for a 1:2 or 1:3 RR. $500 risk per trade and 1k to 1.5k TP. If you can get 10% a month, you can make a pretty decent living. There are guys on this discord I’m on who are living off of FTMO trading.

Yeah, you can get a 300k account aswell by stacking 3x100k accounts.

10% pm = €30000
-30% FTMO share $9000
You would get $21000 pm.

Plus they add on 25% each quarter if you decide to grow your account as per their scaling plan!

second month ended in green …up into the next :slight_smile:


Very nice! But why did you hide your profits?

thanks mate … i think its legit to make the money i withdraw privat :wink:
just wanted to show that the company really pays…cause some guys doubt that

Hopefully il be on the same boat, I start my challenges on Monday

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Hoping to start my challenge next week!

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Leverage and margin :slightly_smiling_face:

My FTMO Challenges Passed One - Failed One

It seems just another clone of topsteptrader

You pay to dream to be a trader.

The best ways to make moeny with trading:

  1. selling courses (digital content so no fixed costs)
  2. organizing contests

They set some impossible conditions to meet and you pay to run like a hamster in the wheel.

Bit of an update ,I have passed 2 Challenges, moving onto Verification. Hopefully I can stay in profits for the Long run. Once I get my first month in Profit I will go for the final 3rd account making a total of £210k

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Nice one mate! Im on my second attempt at the moment

Good news!

Update to the update :slight_smile:

I have passed one verification and failed one verification. The Volatility killed my stop loss even thou it was set below my daily limit it broke pass soo much it killed me on the spread. I take responsibility for that as I shouldn’t have traded so close to my daily loss, lesson learned I will only trade up to 50% of my daily limited to leave a bigger spread killer.

I will take the first month of my FTMO account easy taking only one trade a day of 0.5% of £70,000 which is £350, I would like my first month to be positive to get back the £500 fee. After that the gloves are off. Will probably go for the other accounts in Jan. Good luck everyone doing the challenge, risk management is the key to passing.


This thread is really interesting to follow and I am also thinking of trying the challenge myself once I find the strategy I can work with for the long term

@SMooc stick to your 50% of your daily limit. I’m happy you passed the challenge. Preparing for a new 1 myself.