Forex Challenge: Can you make a living from trading via prop firm FTMO?

Is the offer still on?

If you take a challenge between 1st Dec and 29 Dec, FTMO are giving you an extra 10 days. So im gona start a new one on the 29th.

I traded their free trial but MT4 freeze every couple of minutes after 9:30 am ET.
Anyone had this problem?

I don’t find any

Proper money management and trading discipline can be used to trade peacefully.

Hi Liam,
to be fair, that was not the point :slight_smile:
Let’s say that, with your strategy, you can make twice your expected maximum annual drawdown. Already a result that would be impressive and very hard to achieve in the long period.
If you pass the challenge and get $50K, but your maximum drawdown can only be $2,500, you can expect to make $4K-5K a year because of the constraints you have on the drawdown.
This is what I meant.

By the way, I have also started a challenge on FTMO for the $100K. I created a topic here on Babypips: FTMO $100K Challenge: My journey


Yes, you are right I think trading profit depends on money management and risk management.

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Hi Truman congratulations first of all on your funded account. I would love to ask how you earned it please help me, am also trying the challenge

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hey mate …just check my 3 older threads to see the different parts of my approach i dont want to spam the thread here
. but be aware there is NO get rich quick stuff it all takes time and countless hours of work and training …you can also dm me if u like

somehow my first answer was flagged by the mods dont know why …

Hi @tradeforex077
Any update about your adventure with FTMO ?

Alright bro, no I didnt pass ftmo. The 10% aim gave me trouble. I spent the last 6 months or so researching and watching YouTube videos and reading books to learn new material and find if I can add it to my trading to get the higher % but safely and consistently. Im thinking of trying FTMO again sometime. They increased the max account to $400k funded account so business is going well lol. How about you? Did you try it?

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If you reach 5% loss in the funded account it means either your strategy or risk management is not good. If you trade with your own 5k account and lose all of it, it means you’re gambling.

Money and risk management are seen in percentage not capital.

Funded account according to me is a bad decision mate.

Maybe for you. But for others who cant save money it’s a good idea. For eg, for ~$600 you get an account for 100k or 10k with leverage depending on how you look at it. Either way you’ve got more than you put in. Then if you are profitable you get the original $600 back. So now you have money for no input. The important thing is one being able to afford it and second to be able to hit the requirements.

I think the only way to be certain to deliver profit the next month is running a martingale and cross the fingers, so I am not interested.
Once you win the account you can trade a real strategy with realistic expectations.
AFAIK the only trader profiting every year is Jim Simons and I don’t think he is profiting every month or every quarter.
Profit from trading is uncorrelated to stocks but not smoother than stocks.

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You dont have to guarantee profit every single month if youre funded, you just need to make sure you dont break the rules. Even a few percent profit per month on a large 6 figure account can provide a descent living.

I was speaking about the challange.
To pass you have to produce a profitable month so the “underlying idea” is that good traders should be able to profit every month.
A seriuos selection would not be based on unrealistic profit targets.

Im sure FTMO advertise for “The Best” traders, which you could argue would justify the profit target.

Plus remember its called a “challenge” so its not supposed to represent an average month of trading.

So if you combine “the best traders” and “challenge” Im assuming most will agree that 10% in 30 days would be an acceptable feat, for those specific groups mentioned.

FTMO or any other firm is not going to make you rich. You gotta plan your own survival in the world of trading. Practice, plan, and be patient.

I reckon FTMO could make you rich and combined with other prop accounts, then most definetely, as long as your consistent enough.