Forex Challenge: Can you make a living from trading via prop firm FTMO?

I didn’t use any stop loss will they disqualify me? Lol

No you’re ok. There have been a few things I’ve heard of for eg they have asked people who use very tight stop losses or scalp quickly to repeat their challenge using a different strategy. This is because they copy your trades onto a real account and if it doesnt hit the same profits they dont let you do it. That’s also why they’ve added commissions onto their lmax broker. Someone also had to give up some of their profits to make up for any discrepancy between his profits and their copied profits.

Lol what???
What about this BS

No limits on trading style!
Trade your own trading strategy with no limits or restrictions. You can use EAs, hedging or trade discretionary.

Thanks for sharing that because you literally relieved days worth of stress… Lol

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my funded prop journey starts on monday…nice and slow is the plan …
great sunday to all!


They Will if you volitale dayli max loss or max loss and this thing with mmacrodata 2min before after.

Be interested to see how it goes

i can help you win the challenge for free

just google my profile to get in touch with me
i can not post my email

NOTA is not mine any more and does not have any business relation with me

Hey i don’t check over here but i make this veryfication and now im trade for FTMO.Here you can check how this is going.Cant send link in post so i send this picture.

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You can message me. Also feel free to do the trial. Let us know when you start and update weekly please. Thanks

Congrats! You can update on the weekend if that’s helpful. I think your thoughts will be better for beginners not just the results. thanks.

I already did the trial I can post it if you want


Did you not want to go for a funded account?

Don’t you find the spreads to big at FTMO? I had the inspiration to take the Free Trial now to find out that the spread for AUDCHF is 10 pips. For EURAUD the same. Really?

You might be looking at the pips wrong. The mt4 is sometimes in micro-pips. So audchf isnt 17 pips its 1.7 pips. Ftmo lmax may be 1 pip and then commission is $3 per lot which is good too. Have a look at below: purple trading stp account.

Very nice good luck with trial. I got from 2 weeks drawdown but i check what was wrong and now i Will fix that.


hey guys ,

just wanna update my journey with ftmo after the first month of trading for them .
i had a shitty start to be honest broke some of my rules , experienced some overtrading here and there …and was down around 600 euro …i refocused and slowly coming back into my"zone" … was able to make up the 600 + around 50 on top …so the journey can continue into the second month

will keep you posted how it looks like then

all the best to everyone who trying the challenge and congrats to those who passed and hopefuly can make some good dollars …

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Well done mate. Two important things to note.

  1. Ending the month positive. Progress is progress.
  2. You can get your original fee refunded. So essentially you have a free funded account.

Keep up the good work and keep us posted.

How are you getting on?

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If the spread of FTMO is much wider then definitely not. I would prefer a broker with low transaction costs as to get more profits in my pocket. Lower spreads are more cost- efficient.


I find the concept of FTMO interesting, I tried the Trial and completed it in 3 hrs. I will be signing up for the challenge soon.

The mentality of trading a bigger account feels different but as long as you have the basics and good money management then I think it could be a good partnership.
I have been trying to find info on people actually making money and how long they are trading without breaking the rules not many out there only cherry picked interviews.

I am by no means a professional trader still learning daily but if they give you the challenge money back then its a win win.