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Hey Guys

Anyone know of any good forex chat rooms? I googled some but they weren’t that great, not that many people in them.


Great question. Can anyone help here? I too have tried to find a chat room, but can’t seem to find a good one. I’ve been demo trading a bit, but I would like to chat with fx traders live now as I think I could learn a lot from talking to others whilst watching the market.

Problem with rooms is people see they are empty and leave nobody stays in until more and more people come.

Maybe babypips can make one. :smiley:

Hi All,
I am Karthik from India. I have been trading currency for the past 5 years and i run my own blog with calls , advice etc and i love to help others. Those who feel that they need help or need advice or something, let me know. My gmail id is kartram.77 and my yahoo id is ns_karthik. Skype id is ns_karthik as well.

So feel free to message or mail me (mail me only at gmail) and i would be glad to help anyone who needs help. I am sure many of you do. I will try and share whatever little knowledge that i have gained over the past 5 years.


Maybe we can :wink:

That would be real nice, with multiple rooms. eg: Noobs, Proffesional traders, help room, currency specific rooms etc.

And some traders who have systems can open up their own private rooms to hold live trading sessions with their systems.


Go Go Go!


E. Lang

pleeeeeease babypips great idea come ooooooon!!! :smiley:

goto and search for forex. There is a room there called “topgun” they are all scalpers and use the topgun software. But you don’t have to have the software to be there. They call trades, ask questions and talk about systems all day long. The best part is that they bounce the morons out of the room pretty fast. So don’t go there trying to hook up.

Each time I check the chatroom is empty. I stick around for a while but not too long. Come on people! We asked for it. Lets use it!

Yeah, let’s get in there!!!

Chat room you say…

I was checkin around the net I found a few chatrooms, like you can goto and get some chatroom with about 6-10 people but I understand how people here felt when you can't find a steady flowing chatroom..  Well I did end up finding one that has about 45 users in it and I'd say pretty busy. Now not all the traders are professional there is some newbs, but then again we all started out like that right..,  maybe I will see you guys there.. 

PS. This is not spam I learnt from and still use this site alot!!

I heard about this room over at ForexFactory and it seemed interesting. I haven’t taken any of the signals but this guy and a couple other people trade out loud at the room. Here is the link. Oh…and this isn’t an advertisement. They don’t charge anything.