Is Currently

This Is Crazy
It’s Been Down Since Like 5:30 Am Est

Lucky For Me I Am Long Nzd/usd

But What If.

I’m Getting Quote Updates From Yahoo

Anywhy I Want To Take Profits

I Am Up 40 Pips 100,000 Standard Lot

I Am Calling And Getting Nothing
Can’t Log In

What Kind Of Bull**** Is This:(



I just tried to leave a message in the voicemail mailbox
I got a message that it was full

has this ever happened with oanda?

anyone know

transcript I had with customer service via live chat

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with 'Mike’
Mike: Due to a power outage in the local area, there are temporary connectivity issues on the trading platform for some of our clients, we hope to have the issue resolved as quickly as possible. In the meantime if you would like to place a trade please call the trade desk at 877-367-3946.

: I have tried that all I am getting is music

: don’t you have back up system

: what about redundency

Mike: we are working on it

: this is not good

Mike: I am sorry

: I have seen my profits fall by 10 pips I am long my position but what about the people that needed to get out of positions

Mike: I am sorry you can try to call and cancel

Mike: then you can peak with a mange later

: you are not understanding I have been calling so has everyone esls no one is getting thur

Mike: all I can say is please continue to call we will deal with accounts by a case by case basis once the power is back on

: Can I get a estimate of when power will be back on

: this is not good

Mike: I am not sure

: you should have 2 , 3 back up systems just in case this happens

Mike: I am sorry

: you are dealing with peoples real money. forex is a fast pace market someone could get wiped out in 10 minutes

Mike: I understand this

Mike: I cannot do anything from here

Mike: once you get thorugh you can speak to a manager

Mike: we are very sorry

no back up systems
no off site office were they can do trades thur
all you can do is call and place trades over the phone:eek:

when I get my money up I am going to go with oanda
if only oanda offered better leverage

just got thur on the phone
closed position + 33 pips

They have no idea when the platform is going to be back up:mad:

Thats sad to hear though good u booked your trade in profits still…

I am with, but after reading this, I am seriously considering just taking my money and go elsewhere. What kind of Mickey Mouse operation doesn’t have sufficient generators to keep the whole operation running? This is just pathetic.

In the past 3 months I’ve seen down 3 times. One time was only for about an hour, the other 2 times were very extended downtimes. (the one talked about in this thread being one of the 2)