which one would you recommend to trade ? or

Hey T

The two most important points about choosing who to trade through for me is margin calls and trading platform functionality. As far as I know dont have margin calls and their trading platforms (java,application and web based) are easy to catch on to. But you must try both their Demo accounts if you not sure to get an idea. I have chose to trade and Metatrader4 for charts.

Hope this helps

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i would have to chose as well.

gftforex dont have a margin call …
plus they just called me and their support seems awsome too …

wht other differences should i look for ???

Hi again T

One thing about GFT is, I found there trading platform a bit like an airline c0ckpit with buttons and gadgits everywhere. with the latter I found simplicity and thats how Forex trading should be, Simple

richierich … what broker you use? you are right… also have lower spreads… of course

ok, other than who else???, you get free esignal by having an account balance of 1k+ and as long as you trade 10 minis per month you can keep your esignal.

gft is offers a retarded amount of leverage… 400:1 no thanx. :cool:

what is esignal ?