I am looking into opening up a demo account with them, and possibly trading with them in the future. Just like the other places out there, the demo is free. As I was looking through their site I came upon the fees section, and this is what is said:

"Fees charges NO trading commissions* or fees, regardless of account balance or trading activity. "

You see the asterix, I had to look that up too and this is what is said:

“* is compensated for its services through the bid/ask spread.”

What is the bid/ask spread?

I wasn’t sure myself, but in the glossary that is posted here it says:

“Spread: The difference between the bid and offer (ask) prices of a currency; used to measure market liquidity. Narrower spreads usually signify high liquidity.”

I guess that is a number that would vary.

Thanks pippin, I get it now I was just having a brain freeze I think.

Is it pretty coomon practice to not charge commisions, and just the bid/ask spread?

I think it is, a lot of the brokers I have looked at don’t charge a commision. That’s not to say that all do, but I have noticed quite a few that do.