I have opened a mini account with capital group). I would like to know if there is any risk of loosing my money in case this company has any financial problems?
Would you recommend any other broker?

Thank you.

GAIN is big, dun worry bout it, you aint loosing your money.

All cases i’ve had till now where there was ne slippage for any reasons, i’ve had the money recredit to my acc.

The most i’ve seen people complain bout them is cuz of their ****ty charts and platform, but the new release is out now, and tis one of the best online even though their charts are crap, but that doesn’t bother me as i’ve never traded with their charts anyway, their sync with most other brokers on MT4 charts is almost dead on; i’m not a scalper so i dont made 2-3 pips execution difference so i just use MT4 charts and execute on their platform.

If you want good sync though, you can eventualy get eSignals with them, should u add at lest 2k in ur account and maintain a good 10 trades per month. You can execute directly from within eSignals, which as you may know is considered one of the best charting packages around.

I’m pretty statisfied over all.

I can vouch for their great constumer support too.
I probably bother them every other day and i’ve never, not once had a bad experience with them.

Talking to them on the phone is great too and they are very professional.

E. Lang