Forex competitions

Hi, does anyone know of any current\upcoming Forex competitions? I need some more practise and while am at it i may as well give it a shot and see if i can win something lol! :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want, I will keep you updated about the new competition at Varengold Bank. It will be around August I think and will last for 3 months.

The competition will have new conditions :wink:

ok many thanks i would apprecitate that, have u entered this one before or any others? is it free or a fee?

No, Varengold is doing a competition every year. This year as well then. And no, there are not fees

ok cool, i look forward to August and the details!

If you want to practise FX, then demo trade… or throw 25 bucks into an Oanda account and try trading live.

If you want to win an FX contest, well you have to over leverage and throw your MM rules out the window. The person who wins will just be the lucky gambler… Not a good way to learn how to trade…

Just my two cents

i totally agree.

hahaha, great words and you are right!! :cool:

lol chillout! i will stick to my trading plan, only thing going to change is how much i can use on my trades, but doesn’t mean am going to gamble or throw my plan out the window, the comp itself, well winning or losing is a side issue and if i do even better!!!

ah well its all good to find another way to practise your trading! though if you change “how much” you can use on your trades, it is throwing your MM out the window;)

anyway, have fun

Throwing MM out of the window, you better learn 1001 ways to crash and burn rather than getting lucky and then addicted to a gambling habit.

Forex competitions is not a bad thing really, if it encourages over leveraging and poor money management it would be a good learning tool because probably the best way to learn the value of MM and sensible leveraging is not to have any and see what happens lol

Jeez u guys really need get out more! has no-one thought that the very urge of a competition to gamble or forget ur MM, strategy etc is even more reason to test yourself? I could open a test account anytime, but why not have some fun with a comp. and see where it takes u? Anyway risk exists in everyday life but forget i asked lol!

I think you’ll find most people on this forum take their forex trading very seriously, when they have a lot of time invested in learning and developing their mm strategys and trading systems and a lot of their own money at stake, they probably find it hard to imagine treating it like a game.

I guess all of us who take trading seriously could look at this in the same way that I look at the X Games or the numerous Red Bull stunts that go on around the world. Its all fun to watch and quite entertaining but thats all it is, definitely not a serious business unless you are crazy [B]and[/B] lucky.

Or maybe its more like NASCAR, the best part is the crashes!

But in the end Forex is an individual sport so if people want to compete then let them. Actually I am in my own competition, I want to get the highest score in my bank account:) I am actually highly competetive but I know that the only way to win in this game is to follow my rules which so far have been working out wonderfully.

So for all the haters ( thats our label btw;) ) we should just look after the ones who are serious and watch the Trader X Games for the entertainment that it is.

Hi, they are starting, but try it , you dont have to register.

Yes, first of all demo trading is always more successful because you have little fear of being shaken out and can take adversity. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be good practice, but it won’t relate to your own “real” trading and budget, most likely. I’ve scalped for quite a while, and still feel it in the pit of my stomach !!! :slight_smile: HyperScalper