Forex, horse and crimea

Just wanted to say hello to everyone, and thank you all for interesting and entertaining comments and threads, both educational and at at times amusing.
As the more observant of you might have guessed I am english and live now on the black sea coast in Crimea, and have been earning a living for the past 10 years using the internet to bet on horse racing. I have come to the conclusion, (but stand to be corrected by all of you), that there is a a large similarity between forex and horses. I will be the first to admit that I know next to nothing about forex, but am trying to learn. many of you talk about discipline and money management, as a professional gambler these are the first things you must learn, to stay in the game. A good staking plan also helps, and with horses a mediocre system can turn a profit if money management is tightly controlled. So why am i writing this, to say Hi, and I will be continuing to read and learn forex, practice trade (cannot see the point except to learn platforms and be at ease wuith them). You can back horses all day long with play money, but only sweat when it is your own hard won cash. I spend 4-5 hours a day studying form on horses and trying systems, and as I said it all comes down to discipline. Sounds familiar. Thank you for listening, and if anyone wants to know about life in crimea I would be glad to help.

Eh man, I’m not going to lie, some people may disagree, did you see that one thread with the gambler? Haha, but don’t worry I believe you, I think that what defines people’s view of risk is society. Which is quite skewed. But that’s just me. And I have one question, what’s your view on optimization of the system you use? And that’s so true an archer can hit a practice traget 9/10 times, unless it’s pointing a bow back at him! Best to ya eh!