Forex income engine deciphered

Forex income engine deciphered.

The Forex income engine is a complicated course to study. Many times during it I was confused and bewildered as to just what he was talking about. The only way I could understand it was to rewrite it down piece by piece in actual English instead of the complicated system of referring the high and low candle points as HH3 LL6 low swing highs ect ect. I spent a couple of days decoding it all. After I actually deciphered the course and had it down in English I found it quiet tedious to actually locate a candle that he would recommend as a trading setup candle. I haven’t given it a real fair test because to be honest by the time I had it decrypted I was just sick and tired of it all. The couple of candles I did try resulted in correctness about 50% of the time and I also noticed the stops were costing to much to be practical.
For those that care to test his recommendations.
The decrypted English version of the Forex income engine is as follows.

A swing low has at least three bars on both sides that are higher highs and lower lows.
These bars do not have to be in succession.
This means a swing low bar will have three higher highs above and three higher lows below to the strength of 3 (non sequential)

Average true range = volatility set at 20 last 20 bars divided by 20
Average directional movement ADX = trending set at 5 below 25 stay out of market

These are the following conditions to be met to establish a setup candle.
The following is applicable to all time scales.

A …Highest of the last three highs (counting the setup bar) must be lower than the highest of the last ten bars. (counting the setup bar)

B … Any low in the last 5 bars (counting the setup bar) must be lower than any of the preceding three

C … (counting the setup bar) lowest high in the last five bars
Must be higher than the any swing low 3 in the past 24 bars
Or ( no swing) then the lowest low in the last 5 must be higher than the lowest low of the last 24 bars

D… (counting the setup bar) The close of the setup bar must be above the half way point.
Of the highest high in the last 3 minus the lowest low in the last three.

E … Adx must be greater than 25 on the setup bar.

F … (counting the setup bar)
Pip difference between the highest high in the last six bars (HH6) and the
Lowest low in the last 6 bars (LL6)
Must be greater than the ATR

G …(counting the setup bar)
The span between the highest high in the last 5 bars (HH5) and the
Lowest low in the last 5 bars (LL5) must cover (enclose, swallow) the
Span of the widest 2 bar range within the last 20 bars.

H …After two losing trades in succession stand aside for five bars.

I… Ignore Doji`s. (candles with no body).

####### Long Entry #### placed at BODY not wick #####
(counting the setup bar) Again ignore Doji`s
Buy at THE CLOSE of highest candle body, pick the highest one of first three (HH3) BODY (not wick) add the spread plus 1 pip.

   ### STOP #### placed at Wick not body ####

Choose the widest stop between setup bar low -1 pip
And Entry minus 3 quarters the ATR at entry
This means stop at whichever is lower 1 pip below entry wick or Entry minus 3 quarters the ATR at entry.