Forex is a business

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Most investors are convinced that the whole exchange trade is a high-quality game and that the tables can be turned at all times. Profits are a pure chance for them. An expert trader always regards Forex as a company where loss is an unavoidable part.

Losses incurred in any company are natural. But it makes the difference to understand that you should lose a little to gain a lot

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Forex can be a profitable business if you can handle it technically with your knowledge and experience.

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its a professional business in the present world right now , but i have seen most of the traders above all beginners take this stock market as a casino , as a result they try to bring profit very rapidly with no learning. ultimately mostly losers.

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Treat it like a hobby and you will get hobby results… simple.


knowledge and experience is really important , but its all about 50% , others 25% money and risk management and last 25% brokers support.

yeah correct but
not only knowledge we can more then practice also

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It is a business. The more effort you put in, the more you’d receive as profits. Just like any other business it is unlikely that you can put $50 in it and expect to turn it into $10,000 in a short period of time.

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…It seems Forex is a computer- game send by the devil himself to make all those poor fellows, who think they can make easy money but allways loose,( I refer to those 75- 85,% who never win) to desperate souls ready for him to catch…:smiling_imp:


Okay, to be serious: its of course a kind of business, and if someone has a minimum level of intellect and is willing to learn, he will make progress and sooner or later he belongs to those 20% who drive in profits. I see the danger in the fact, that the border between serious trading and gambling is very misty. I think that’s one reason , why statistics count so many failure-trader.

Forex is a business like no other. Completely dependent on market conditions.

Lol…and the devil torments the greedy and the impatient.

As you know, only those who do nothing don’t make mistakes…

Of course, there are sometimes problems and some difficulties, but you need to learn how to work with this in the first place, so that emotions do not prevent you to take a healthy look at the situation and make informed, accurate decisions. Only this leads to professionalism.