Forex is like a woman

Forex is like a woman.

(Some stuff from Friday Chill project :slight_smile: )

• As soon as you start thinking that you understand it, you fail.

• If you won’t use stop/loss when you play with it, you may soon find yourself with no money.

• When you get into it, you start to know yourself, your emotions.

• Want it or not, you have to invest more money into it every month.

• You may spend whole day, and you may spend whole night with/in it.

• When it trends, after one minute you may touch heaven, and taste hell after a second one.

• If you will try to play it too fast, you will loose. If you try to play it too slow, you will loose.

• Whatever happens, the only guilty is you.

• You have to know when to get in, and when to get out, or you will get problems.

• It will tell you what kind of animal you are.

• The best places of it are round.

Any more?

What are the round places in Forex? LOL

Round numbers and BIG round numbers :smiley:


I forgot that completely.

The theory that predicts that prices tend to go to round numbers right?

Yeah, and then it’s times when tons of order are placed. Price bounces strongly or breaks hardly :slight_smile:

Thank You,

if forex is like a woman, a man should manage it, lol

Best not manage a woman like a forex account. You know the statistic. 95% fail :smiley:

fail in terms of what? gettimg dumped? or??? :smiley:

give her a diamond,…the diamond form in your discipline, patient and good trading methods…
and she will stick up to you…:slight_smile:

• Want it or not, you have to invest more money into it every month.

Kind of true. When we were dating my husband kept reminding me of how expensive I was.

hmm, it’s okay right as long as there is love, but expenses should be minimize though for future use… hehe

is there also an expensive husband? hehehe

The most important thing is to cut your losses short and preserve your capital… :smiley:

can we read it between the lines? :smiley:

Sense I met FX, I really don’t hang out with my friends anymore :frowning:

Agree, now 24hrs a day is like not enough since I require to read a lot and learn a lot :wink:

why would you do that? you can still hang out with them. take a rest, don’t overdo yourself with forex

Thx for the good advise Albert, and your right. But, It was given in the context of humor. LOL:D