Forex Live Trading Competitions!

What do you think about the [B]Forex Live Trading Competitions[/B]? What [B]prize[/B] is acceptable and what kind of [B]rules[/B] make a trading competition professional and exciting?

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Live trading competitions are great for brokers :).

It is good one for traders with good working strategy.

Yeah i would be great to see one here on Babypips, Also the see first hand performance of some of the bigger names here on the Forum.

We actually used to have a weekly forex trade competition run by Forex Ninja. Imma ask him if he’s up for having one again…

Thank you for your time and help. And again, thank you for the strategy.

I think they are the worst thing especially for new traders as they teach a wrong approach which often remains. Check terms and conditions as you are likely to never get anything. Let’s say you do won and your account is credited, many take the same POS approach they used to win and will see their accounts zoom down to zero. Trading is not about winning a price from a broker (keep in mind that brokers do not dish out free cash) and traders do not win money anyway, they earn money.