Forex market is unregulated, no wonder why I've paranoid questions!

Some retail short term guy is giving a signal to go long, is it worthwhile for him to …

  1. get as many followers to go long with him because of more buying pressure
  2. or to take out the short stops of his long followers

(1) seems logical I’ve a feeling he does both alternatively so he keeps in business in the long run :eek:

He markets (1) because obviously he wants more traders to trust and follow him. But then I get confused, even with a lot of retailers playing, do they move the forex markets that much in his favor?

I’m not picking on anyone here, just some questions that popped in my head.

Neither. It doesn’t matter.

forex traders do little to move the market. Everything that moves the market is based on economic factors. Some of that might be banks making giant moves…but more than anything its the economic factors that play the largest role.

“Forex market is unregulated, no wonder why I’ve paranoid questions!”

Its coming all to soon. Complete noobs like me may never get to trade on a level playing field with the wealthy or the pros and both.

I think personally people should have to take a standardized test about risk, Brokerage research, maybe a little market analysis.

That would probably solve most of the regulatory issues.

just my 2 pips about the situation.

Forex is speculative. It’s people’s perception of economic factors that move the markets. There is a difference between what I said and what you said.

Thats what they want you to think

Maybe you should consider the SNB (Swiss National Bank) can’t control the market for long time not even releasing news 1 week before it…

So… I think you get the picture :smiley: