Hi everyone. am the newest forex_newbie. i have come to ralise that i really love how the market responds to events and how this affects the economy of different areas. this coupled with how the money market responds to events and how online trading really facinates me and how predicting the market can help me make some pips has made me really wanna be a member of the forex world. am currently in my elementary school of the school of pipsology and can’t wait to be a part of the traders world. am sure it will be alot of fun. so pip enthusiasts, be ready for this new kid on the block. kaboooooomm!!!

Greetings NzauAaron and welcome to the forum community! Glad to hear that you started with the school; it’ll help speed up the process and hopefully help you avoid common mistakes every newbie makes. Good luck bud and looking forward to hearing more from ya!