Forex newbieeeee

Hey guysss, lets make some moneyy

Helloooo. :blush: I love the spirit. :smiley: Have you started learning with the school here? :smiley:

Every newbie should learn all the basics of forex properly before investing in this risky platform.

Learning is a must thing in the forex market.

Making money from this market is not so easy. You need a proper plan and dedication to make money from this risky market.

Perhaps you could tell me how you’re going to achieve that with no specialist skills? Gold coins don’t grow on trees, otherwise we’d all be millionaires.

Apologies, but any newbie who thinks they’ll make money from FX, without becoming proficient over months, even years, of hard work is living in a social media marketing bubble.

The reality is the odds are that you’ll blow your capital gambling it.

Best of luck.

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