Forex newcomer - my introduction

Hey everyone. I’m a brand new trader, 20yrs old from the Bahamas.When I first heard about the stock exchange I thought okay, complicated charts and lines, sounds difficult.

But I had a friend break it down for me and it’s actually not that hard.

So my reason for becoming a trader is I’ve always hated the idea of becoming caught up in the 9-5 system. For years I’ve been trying to come up with ideas of how to avoid that because I just rather be my own boss.

I’m ready to learn everything about forex and start getting paid!!

Hi :slight_smile: good start. Regards Greg

Hello @Joey.E242. Welcome to BabyPips. Good luck on your fx trading journey. See you around.

Hello Joey! I hope you find success in this new journey. See you around and good luck!

It’s good that you want to be your own boss. I hate the 9-5 system myself, so I share your views here. I’ll tell you right away, if you want to make money, you need to get ready for hard work. You’re gonna learn a lot of new stuff, you’re gonna analyze some events all the time, you’re gonna read a lot and stuff. You have to be ready for it, otherwise trading will remain just a hobby. Also take the choice of a broker very seriously, it is also very important. Because with the right broker, trading will be much more pleasant and profitable. But choose it yourself, don’t worry about time.