FOREX News and Overnight Technical Levels- August 14th

[B][U]Fundamental Headlines[/U][/B]

  • [B]AUDUSD -[/B] July NAB Business confidence prints lower than expected at +12, slightly lower than previous +15.
  • [B]NZDUSD -[/B] Retail sales figures plummet 0.4 percent much lower than the consensus increase of 0.4 percent. Definitive indication that consumers are paring back spending amid higher interest rates.
  • [B]EURUSD -[/B] Second quarter gross domestic product released slightly weaker than expected at 2.5 percent on the year on year assessment. Although positive, figure prints weaker than the consensus expectation of 2.8 percent.
  • [B]ECB[/B] lends cash liquidity for the fourth day.
  • [B]GBPUSD -[/B] Consumer prices actually dip below the Bank of England?s benchmark interest rate. For the year, consumer price inflation is running at a 1.9 percent rate, jeopardizes rate hike expectations past six percent.
  • [B]Chinese[/B] retail sales figures rise higher than expected, increases at 16.4 percent pace. Fastest pace in almost 3 years.