FOREX News and Overnight Technical Levels - August 9th

[B][U]Fundamental Headlines[/U][/B]

  • [B]AUDUSD[/B] - Employment change was less than expected, rising 21,000 compared to expectations of a 25,000 print. The previous figure was revised higher at 9,000.
  • [B]NZDUSD[/B] - Employment change was far better in New Zealand as employment change on the quarter rose 0.7 percent with the annualized figure increasing 1.5 percent.
  • [B]USDJPY[/B] - Japanese net stock investments fell only slightly compared to previous figures. Increases in bond investments turned the differential positive.
  • [B]GBPUSD[/B] - Sterling came under pressure following news of further subprime concerns. With risk being taken off of the table, pound crosses came under pressure, helping the sterling to fall through 2.0300 in the overnight.
  • [B]BNP Paribas[/B] freezes three investment funds on concern that the bank was unable to “fairly” value their holdings. The news is the latest in a string of catastrophes stemming from subprime losses.