FOREX News and Overnight Technical Levels- July 26th

[B][U]Fundamental Headlines[/U][/B]

  • [B]USDJPY -[/B] Japanese corporate service price index rises 1.4 percent on the year on year figure - results in line with expectations.
  • [B]NZDUSD -[/B] Reserve Bank of New Zealand raised rates by 25 basis points. Surprising the market, Governor Bollard suggested no further tightening in policy.
  • [B]EURUSD -[/B] Money supply figures rise larger than expected by 10.9 percent beating estimates, supportive of tepid signs of inflationary pressures. German IFO reported stronger than expected current assessment figure.
  • [B]GBPUSD -[/B] Housing prices are showing some signs of constraint. UK nationwide house prices report rises lower than expected. Places annualized gain at 9.9 percent higher compared to estimates of 10.6 percent.
  • [B]Japanese Yen Gains[/B] on comments by Bank of Japan policy member Noda citing need to adjust rates if economy moves as expected. Although stating indetermination for upcoming policy decision, would not rule out any possibilities for August meeting.