FOREX News and Overnight Technical Levels - July 2nd

[B]Market At A Glance[/B]

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[B]Asia - JPY/CNY[/B]

  • Japanese Tankan Index printed inline with analyst expectations, and a 7.7 percent jump in Capex sparked a small rally by the yen, sending USD/JPY to 122.60.
  • The Shenzhen Stock Exchange fell 71.29 points as government plans to issue 1.55 trillion yuan worth of new bonds.
    [B]Europe - EUR/GBP/CHF[/B]
  • Eurozone PMI for June printed at 55.6, the highest level in four months, unsurprisingly led by German manufacturing growth, which rose to a five-month high of 57.3.
  • The Swiss PMI registered its steepest rise since November 2006 to increase to 62.8 in June from 58.9 in May.

[B]Australia - AUD[/B]

  • The AiG Performance of Manufacturing Index (JUN) eased back to a reading of 53.1 from 55.2 on the back of slower growth in new orders. Nevertheless, the index was supported by a spike in inventories and left the figure above the 50 boom/bust level for the 13th consecutive month.