Forex optimum - your review

As for me, I think that bonuses is a nice feature and a great opportunity to enhance your trading capabilities. They are not actually unique, but it’s nice that the company gives it.

Does anybody know, if 30% bonus from Fxoptimum tradable? I tried to read the conditions, but they are not very clear.

I’m always cautions about such things. They might seem OK at first, but it can take much time until you make the required volume, or even there is a worse scenario of you losing all your money. That’s why I always trade with my own money and I don’t get distracted by such stupid things. I just concentrate only on trading.

The bonus serves for maintenance of margin level. It is impossible to trade separately on bonus means.

You should begin with the educational section on the broker’s webpage. I think they have some nice theory videos that will be very useful for you. However, mostly important for you right now is to be patient and persistent because only this way you will be able to achieve something.

I use different assets in trading. The company’s spreads are not high, so it will depend on your preferences and trading strategy.

I opened an account with them recently and also and so far all of the three brokers have been good to me in terms of account management and i am about to try a witdhrawal i will let you know how it goes but so far it’s all good in the hood as they say!

Hey people, who works with binary options there? Maybe you just trade on Forex?

There is no point to listen to your friend, as binaries are not harder than Forex, even easier. These two have many similarities, but also there are differences.

I have some experience of trading with binary options at this company. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, I’ll do my best to answer.

No questions at all as everything is pretty standard. I mean the execution, terminal’s convenience and it’s work etc.

As for me, it’s very convenient to work. Their terminal works well without any glitches or freezes, and there are no requotes. The assets’ profitability is ok, so something like that.

Thank you for your answer, I’ll try it some time. Does this broker provide Demo account for binary options trading?

I haven’t seen it in the personal account, but actually I even haven’t thought about that as I just opened the real account and started trading.

Ok, I’ll open Demo account to test their terminal. If all goes well, I’ll change to Real one. By the way, what’s the minimum deposit for opening?

I don’t understand what issues you’ve got with the company. Can you just go and try it? Is it hard?

No, it’s not hard, but I just like to talk to people that has the experience needed. Is that not allowed?

No… for sure, it’s allowed… for me it’s just easier to get all the information on their webpage. Maybe it just depends in people’s preferences…

It’s pretty hard to recommend something here because the strategy and it’s basis are pretty unknown. You can try it, but you should better check out the trader’s results for the past year at first…

Oh boy! Not a little, it is a very decent result, if he consistently does it, then it’s just the same Grail. So, grab this strategy and forward to conquer the binary options.