Forex Pipbot, any good?

new to forum and forex trading. currently just learning all about it before i try and trade for real.

I came a across a auto trader called forex pipbot. searched the forum but didnt get any returns back. So hopefully someone on here can give me some information on it?

I wanted to know if it was successfull at all? your experiences with it? etc… profit or loss?

Or is it just another program out there to loose your money quickly?

Im looking for something that does give me huge returns but is consistent and profitable in the longrun.

Many thanks for your input in advance


I have tested over 100 commercial robots. I was able to find only one profitable for a longer term. And I’m trading it live since 2010 with tiny risk. Please pay attention that losers are big. It’s name - forex megadroid.

Do you mean this Pipbot? I tested it; it seemed to be profitable, but had high drawdowns and break-even periods. But there is also an ea similiar named, that I have not tested.