Forex possible or not my experience

All traders if we have good planning we can make 100% a day. My last three days.

You’re right… you can make 100% a day…
I don’t think anyone would argue against that here.

BUT with your current risk management (if any), how many accounts did you blow to allow you to post that picture?

What you are showing there is easy to do… especially with such a small account… but it gives the illusion to new traders that this is sustainable long term - which it is not - at least not without blowing your account.

Preservation of capital should be your primary focus if you want to do this for a long time.


What % are you risking per position here? I can guarantee it is much more than 1%

its a very tough question , because there is no one who can predict the market with certainly , so its totally unpredictable and uncertain.

market is uncertain its okay but that doesnt mean there is no chance to bring profit , make sure good knowledge and experience and earn good amount of money from there. thats all.