Forex Price Action

Just got from work. Im sorry if I got you confused. Well I guess you answered all my questions however vague they are. Really helps following this PA thread. My remaining open positions are still running.Have not decided when to close them yet. Thanks for advice.

Hi all,

Back after a traumatic house move… never again!

I did get to check the charts on Sunday and threw a few significant levels up on charts that seemed as though they could go somewhere this week. I only scan the 11 charts that are recommended through the School web pages.

The levels that I put on the charts, I also put up on AlertFX, and I’ve since had three text messages. Time to see whats occurring. None of these charts are showing any appropriate price action yet. But I would appreciate your thoughts on the levels I am looking at. (Taking things one step at a time)

My S/R levels are in red on all of these charts.

  1. USDJPY D1 (Looking for Short)

I know I’ll probably get a slapped wrist for drawing a trend line on here, but I just find it serves me well as a reminder on which entries I am looking for. This last candle is still looking very bullish, so I am looking for tomorrow to be pin bar or BEEB for me consider looking any further.

  1. AUDUSD D1 (Looking for Short)

The alert was triggered yesterday on this one, and it seems as though price has smashed straight through what could have been resistance, likely due to the pin bar that formed 4 days ago. Will see what happens over the next few days I think, but we may be at the start of a reversal. Sitting out for now.

  1. USDCHF D1 (Looking for Long)

Approaching a resistance turned support area? Still waiting for PA to form on this one, the next couple of days will be telling.

Question: Of the three charts, assuming PA formed on 1 and 3 (unlikely I guess), but I would have two positions for and against the USD. How do you play this situation? Would you be comfortable taking positions on both, take the best looking position, or stay clear?

Grateful for any feedback received.



Hi Everyone,

I’ve been waiting for Gold to give a bearish signal at a previously strong support which was later broken and acted as resistance.

Do you consider it A+?

  1. Broken support turned into resistance.

  2. The wick is at least 3 times longer than the body.

What do you think of it?

Hi Metin

This pin bar is still not confirmed. Trade should look like this…

…but risk 300 pips to get only 100 pips It’s definitely not worth. Look on weekly timeframe too and u will see that price is near the support.

Good on you mate :slight_smile: Seems you called it right. EURJPY had a 99.721 high and AUDUSD crossed the 0.9900 resistance (with latest high of 0.99687); hope it gets to 0.9990 for your sake before coming back to test if 0.9900 is support :slight_smile:


Hi Soupdragon,

How I do it:

  1. MT Chart Properties ( Charts -> Properties )
    -> Colors: Black-On-White scheme + green for buy + red for sell
    -> Common: no grid, chart shift+autoscroll enabled

  2. Posting the chart
    -> MT4: File -> Save as picture… -> Active chart (as is) -> Save to disk
    -> For extra editing (e.g text on chart, boxes, arrows), I use Paint.NET freeware



Final product:

Or what’s even easier is just google : “Jing” and then go through the super quick download and you will have free screen capture gear that will let you capture whatever you like and also let you add arrows and typing etc. It looks like this:

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Thankyou very much dudest and Johnathan!

Will try both options:13:

After eurjpy hit the TP, closed the audusd as well. Most important for me is to be profitable. Thanks.


I have some questions as I am not an expert.

  • Do you take also counter trend trades? They are only reliable at very obvious Swing/Key levels right?
  • The best trades are with the trend and at pullbacks… So this is the basic. But how do you recognize short term

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:


yes we do trade all ways.

A good example of this is in the last few pages of a daily trade on the AUDUSD.

Please go through the first 20 pages or so of this thread and go through all the trade examples.

If you have any other questions don’t hesitate to ask them in here.


hi machal,

thank you for your comment. My setup did well, hitting TP. But i’m kinda confused as to what confirmation was needed to enter on that setup.

Affected by your comment, i thought of closing the trade but decided it would be a good lesson if i lost. Thankfully it hit TP.

PS: the risk reward ratio wasn’t 3:1 as my SL was 215 pips above and TP was 185 pips.

Hi all,
Possible pin bar on the AUS/USD 1D ? Am using GMT, any views? Its on the 4 HR too.

   Also GBP/AUS 1D and USD/CHF...

I liked USDCAD better tonight.

Please post charts of what you are thinking if at all possible please.

Hi, was thinking aud/usd short, gbp/aud long and usd/chf long.

Thanks for charts.

So which you taking?

Will be brave, aus/usd I think.


I just found good setup based on my knowledge, is this good for entry on AUD/SGD daily…?

why my uploaded picture not clear? but in my computer its very clear…

What time frame as my chart does not look like that?