Forex Price Action

Still indecisive,Mate.

i think i was wrong :frowning:

Some Daily charts in coming week.

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EU I think now entering is always very good. That level is in line with fibo 0.618 retracement.

EURUSD H4 has a trend line. Is this trend line important? Do I need to wait until I test the trend line to find the position to enter?

Hi guys, i have a question. Can this be considered as tradeable two bar reversal? Just the candle. Thanks

It looks tradeable because of Strong support and uptrend,preferably the 2nd candle should close at or above the open of first candle as Jonathan’s rules.

Thanks AliArslan21. I only trade live with pinbars because i am experiencing more loses with engulfing and two bar reversal. Im still figuring out what im doing wrong with these two and am still trading them with demo lol.

Hi Gyrus83
We need to pay our attention to the most important thing which is Support and Resistance areas, PA comes after that.

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I agree with your description, though my emphasis is on trends.

But I don’t think we’re a million miles apart. I’m thinking of our two view-points like two drivers on the same straight and lonely road at night. One driver (you) says the key is to keep between the kerbs on left and right: the other driver (me) says follow the white line down the middle of the road. Actually we’re both going to get to the same place in the same time.

You’re right Tommor,trend is also important factor cause we try to seek logical pullbacks in trends to ride along.

Hi. I have another question. In the first picture, im sure the candle 1 i encircled is two bar reversal. But i do not know the candle i encircled with number two… Is it also some kind of two bar reversal? Just a retracement? The second picture shows a zoom out of the chart. Will that be considered a start of a new trend or still ranging? Thanks for helping me out. Im still new and learning.

Yea Its also a 2Bar Reversal after a brief pullback along with a shorterm downtrend ,it may go lower as its rejecting the previous resistance.
You need to learn that all these PA singals only make sense when they are being played from some area of value.
So Area of value comes first and then Price Action as big boss Jonathan’s says.

Yeah i did not play that candle. I was just curious hehehe

I personally wouldn’t have played that as it wasn’t a great pullback.

A couple of charts for this week.

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