Forex PROP firms

Calm down. They usually tell us that if we Ask questions that are already on the FAQs page of their website, they might not respond. They get a lot of emails and have to respond to important ones in record time. Have you tried asking on their Facebook group? That’s what I notice some people do.

Ok. I don’t have a Facebook account though. I want to find out how much I get for referring someone to the company with my referral code and if I can get a referral link which is actually easier to send to clients

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What happens when the company closes its doors?

That’s a very good question. I asked that during my journey deciding if to join anyone and which to join. It actually helped me in my decision making. I chose one because they were the only ones offering real accounts and they were older than the others. So the chances are less. Still, there is a possibility and for me I be asked myself, what is the maximum subscription fee? Have I lost that before in forex before? So I decided to give them a try and I’ve been better off so far

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I believe that it is necessary to consider all options, and try to work with them. And then already watch the result.

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You are right @Salaloyul although some of the prop funds out there have rules designed to make you the trader fail

I think it’s 100 USD. I’m not sure about a link. All I have seen in my dashboard is a code b you can get more information from their blog or ask @TraderAtlas, he should know better.

We currently don’t have links. Just referral codes for now but we are working on getting links available

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Ok. Please do. It will make referrals easier to track. Do I have to have a trading account before referring people?

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Do you fund any broker of our choice like the other guys do?

No we don’t. We give funded accounts with real money through one broker - Eternity Global.
The others give you demo accounts so they can afford to work with more than one broker.

Thought I would share an interesting youtube channel

She has been learning to trade over the past couple of years. This most recent video shows her take on the 100k FTMO challenge, which she passes. After that she has another two 100k challenges running at the same time, which she also passes. Thats 300k of funding, pretty descent, and good inspiration.

Ok. Noted.

@Paulscaff1 thanks for sharing that YouTube channel. I had discovered that prop firm before blufx but from what I see it’s basically a demo account they give to you after you pay and even when you pass their challenge, it remains so. I found a Facebook group where other users are in, and I can see complaints from time to time of not being able to access ones account - server issues. This is typical with demo accounts. I am not finding them attractive anymore even though the subscription is a one time fee Thu.

The demo account part wouldnt bother me either way as long as I was paid my share of the profit percentage. I think the issues sometimes are with the FTMO hub server which doesnt update right away but the broker should be ok. I could be wrong, but im still gona give it a shot when I feel ready. Loads of uncertainty with all these prop firms, probably better to just take the risk and try for yourself.

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I see. Well, from what I saw people say, demo account servers are usually not upgraded regularly like real account servers are. They aren’t a priority for the brokers. So sometimes you can be trading and be unable to access your account and that’s it. You’d have to begin all over again. Or sometimes you wouldn’t be able to login for a long time. That’s not pretty. I wish you the best of luck nevertheless. I signed up with Blufx over the weekend and I am hoping for the best in this decision.

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I ask myself, why do i need a project, where i have to pass several “contests” to work with their money, if i trade profitable anyway?. If someone doesnt trade profitable, he wont pass their “contests”.
The only disadvantage now is, that it takes me longer to built up a large account to trade higher position size (what means more profit).
But if someone trades profitable (in general), why should he make money on a kind of detour like with a prop.firm?
I wouldnt do that.

Do you have a $100k-$300k account (FTMO) to trade with?

Plus if you pass the challenge you can invest your profits into your personal account and grow that faster, you can even make your personal account a spreadbettjng account to avoid taxes. No brainer to me.

Yeah all the best, maybe give a wee update on this thread and let us know how its going?

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Thank you. August isn’t going so well for me. No clear trends yet. But I will continue pushing. Have you taken a plunge yet?

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Im doing the FTMO challenge, starting 31st August.