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Forex autotrading is a trading strategy where forex buy and sell orders are placed automatically based on an underlying system or program. The buy or sell orders are sent out to be executed in the market when a certain set of criteria is met.
Autotrading - and systems, or programs to form buy and sell signals -, are used typically by active traders who enter and exit positions at a much higher rate than the average investor. There are also a wide range of systems that differ on the set of criteria used to generate the buy or sell signals. Typically, the criteria used are more technical in format - in that they focus on price movement and technical indicator

  1. EA Forex Robot
    I’ll give u two types of EA.
    For the begininning, capital USD100 u will provided with 1st EA.
    When your account reach USD300, there’s another EA takes over.

  1. Templates

  1. E-books about forex

  2. Personal Guidance (Including deposit and withdrawal. Just ask me!)

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