Forex robots?

hi guys

I want to know what you think about forex robots. there are so many out there, they offer so much. I just want to know your experiences, if anyone of you bought one? because i am new here on forex, and there are many people who are losing their money on those robots or maybe winning??, so tell me your opinions


humble opinion -
after reading many posts - I submit - robots are fine -IF either you created it and know ALL of it’s + and - , or if you didn’t create it, still know all of its + and -.
I just finished reading some in a different thread, and it has taught me, this is is job. I am currently comparing it to my 9to5’er - Could I hire a robot to do my 9 to 5 er - NOPE - could I hire a robot to do part of my 9to5’er - hmmm maybe? but ONLY if I tell it exactly what to do when, and give it enough smarts to quit if it’s not doing it right.
Also - in comparing to my 9to5’er - should I ,or could I ,do I deserve to get paid the same as the top dog? Well really honestly Nope! - I neither could do his job nor would I want to. I am hoping in forex - learn it, LEARN IT, and apply what I’ve learned to make some extra $, I find forex fascinating, so I have hope someday, I’ll make ‘consistent’ money from it. but if I don’t - I certainly won’t put my money in a robot - that I don’t know what it’s doing.

IMO you need to have control of your money. I havn’t used robots as such but have used signal programs (like forex killer) and have had little to no success with them.