Forex Simulation Software (not demo trading) - can you recommend?

Hi everyone.

One more quick question.

Can anyone recommend a good Forex simulation software package?

I don’t mean a demo account but a simulator with historical data that I can use to train on.

The only one I’ve been able to locate so far is Forex Simulator from Forex InterBank (The Forex Simulator | Quickest Way to Learn How to Trade the Forex Profitably). Price isn’t too bad, but I’d love to hear if anyone has better suggestions.

Thanks for your help!


  • Iggy

I have a question for you. Why pay for a simulator package when you can set up a free demo account with someone and get real time data streams and get real time historical data in the charts? There are some demo accounts that have no time limits and some that give real time news and analitics I can name one that gives a great package all for free. They explain how to use the graphs and all the technical indicators. The platform is easy to use and if you have questions or problems the customer service is good. That’s what their there for. I’m just wondering why, if you want real world experience and training, why not with real world data and information?:confused:

Hi Iggy,

I have Forex Tester and it is pretty good. There are problems though like only being able to open 1 chart at a time.

I’ve been looking at rapidSP lately. It seems alot more robust and is only slightly more expensive. I have no experience with it though.

You can google both of them.


Does this package only provide for real time trading?

I bought Forex Tester because it allowed me to go back back in “time” and then speed up the time frame so data advanced bar by bar like in real time but much quicker, thus I could get alot more practice at recognising set ups and patterns than I could in real time.

To each their own though.


Hi Gator10,

I’m using a demo account and MetaTrader 4.0 to do real-time-demo trading.

I want a simulator package so I can do non-real-time trading where I can make the chart go forward and backward as quickly and as slowly as I want. Great way to learn.


Thanks for the suggestions! I’m gonna look at both of them right now.


  • Iggy


rapidSP looks pretty amazing. Gonna download their demo and give it a try. Thanks for the suggestion.


  • Iggy

No problems Iggy,

Please post your thoughts after you’ve had a play with it. I’m not sure I will have the time to play with it properly over the next few weeks so haven’t downloaded it yet.


My demo allows me to go back a week and look at every bar if I want. I can go forward or backward just by moving a slide bar. I can enlarge a particular section to get detail or zoom out to get a better overall picture of the day or week. The price quotes are in real time so the actual trading is done that way but there are times I don’t trade if I want to go back and look at a past trade or look at patterns. Also the graph indicators package helps show patterns. I’m happy with it like I said in another post I pretty much doubled a $1,000 mini-account this month so far.

Hi Iggy,

The post I just laid out for pkffw might work for you to. If it isn’t what you both want then just scrap out the idea and close the demo. Good luck

Hi Gator10.

Sounds like you’re getting along quite well.

Mind if I ask if you are trading a particular system? If so, what system?

As for the simulator, I’m still looking for one. RapidSP it at the top of the list.

Why do I want it? To do training when I’m not doing actual trading.

Don’t get me wrong. Real-time demo trading (and real-time real trading) is great. And I’m doing that (demo only while I’m getting my chops). But I also want to do lots of practicing, chart reading, system testing and the like.

A simulator is great for this as I am not constrained to real time and can get years and years and years of data on which to practice.

Hope that makes sense.


  • Iggy

I don’t know much about that software but sounds pretty handy. I may have to take a look at it. As far as my system, I’m backtesting 2 out. I don’t want to say right now just incase it blows up in my face. I’d sooner have the bugs worked out before I suggest it, but part of it is watching the fibo retacement closely. I find that the signals for the pair I trade are pretty clear. Like I said, they’re working so far but they may not work next week. I want to make sure I backtest enough. Then I’ll be happy to let everyone in on them. Good luck:)

Hey gator10,

Cool! Sounds like you may be on to a good thing. Looking forward to hearing about how it goes for you.

I’ll post about my experience with the RapidSP demo and let you know if I find it helpful.

My best to you.

  • Iggy

Hey guys,

Looked at RapidSP and Forex Tester. Also looked at Forex Simulator from and searched for other simulator and tester software.

My pick - Forex Tester by a long shot.

Cost is $135 for the Pro version (which includes some important bells and whistles (Trailing Stops, more tools, ability to import and export data). More than $100 less than RapidSP and far easier to use.

The Forex Tester interface is very similar to the MetaTrader4 interface so for me it’s pretty much a no-brainer.

I can simulate years and years of real market data on all currency pairs, test strategies, test automated strategies, import stuff from MetaTrader4 to play with later (a good way to try a different strategy on recent losing trades).

I’m buyin’ it. I’ll let you know how I get on with it.


  • Iggy

Thanks Iggy,

I’ll let everyone know as soon as I’m certain. Thanks for the info, I’ll be looking into that sim. Good luck and I wish you the best.

there is any free software for simulation with historical data?

I want too but the free one… :smiley:

150 $ for Forex Tester just to speed up chart flowing ? :D, no thanks… :stuck_out_tongue:

7 year old thread :slight_smile:

I recommend Forex Tester 2. You can spend a whole weekend testing or use it when you’re free. I’m against spending money that you don’t need to, but am trading full time and am glad I bought it several years ago.