Forex top traders earning millions?

nope… no rally up… limit order 150 gbpjpy

in! market is turning guys…

perfect entry after all…

today starting up the engine… PF Year 3.0-4.0… LIVE trading by 1 dec.

final backtest @ 70%

damn damn… up by end of us session?

there it is bounce GBPUSD 1.32~!!!

mmh first posible reversal for XAUUSD.

GBPUSD could lower more until 1.3130 resistance but then quick up expected.

final code has been created for robot start end year. upcoming years 10% month max down 30%. !!!

final backtest PF 2 year = 10.4.
max down -31.93 %
start E 100,–.

start next week, open investors 1 jan 2022.

To put it another way, trading together necessitates knowledge and abilities. Which is something that every trader should strive for. If he intends to make a good living from his trading.

thank u for ur reply ali.

well… i like the term ‘passive income’. by using algoritmic trading we are able to let the pc do the hard work / we are more certain of income for a number of % each month / we are able to take away bad influences like stress, fear, greed, bad emotinal days etc.

like traditional income… i do believe income needs structure. compounding is only being achieved by standising some effective method. doing something succesful over and over again.

130 trades each year is more standardised than doing 13 '100% ’ high prob setups the following 5 years. still my favorite is algoritmic trading.

first auto trade has been executed :slight_smile:

ready to buy??? GBPJPY

according to wave theory, one more wave dwn, then buy…

  1. E 100 -> E 200
  2. E 200 -> E 400
  3. E 400 -> E 800

first 50 / 60 retracement … then another wave down… then buy

we need +/- 6 years to do E 100 -> E 1.000.000 (100 x 2 ^ 13) (13 x +100%)

robot is about 8 years:

E 100

  1. E 300
  2. E 1000
  3. E 3000
  4. E 10k
  5. E 30k
  6. E 100k
  7. E 300k
  8. E 1000k

Why such a conscientious guy like yourself ,still quoting that 99 % “retail traders” fail . Who are the 99 % ?

well 72-80% do lose (see overall broker stats)
i think a certain procentage play quite, another 10%?
some traders win … 10%?
some traders win big… but this is only a very small percentage i think.
trading is hard!

first years of trading i was personally only gambling and blowing my account. I think 50% of retail traders are trading in this stage.

maybe only a small percentage is trading in a more conscientious way? what do u think?

i was contesting who are these 99%, people who actually open a live account regardless of their knowledge or how much money they deposit

ok. euhm well personally… i lost a lot of ‘learning money’. so I still have to earn back my money. + website, codes, servers costs ect. I’m one of 99%.

well yes, just what the point i was trying to make. you say your one the “99 %” but your still Persevering trying to turn it around.Is a guy who has a few swings with driver for the first time, classed as a golfer?

I’m not saying i’m a millonaire. I’m trying to make passive income by

  1. robot start E 100.
  2. setups start E 100.
    In the process we will see if it works. according to backtests the robot should do its job. it will take 6 months to see if the codes are able to do PF 2.0.
    and by doing setups… i personally don’t know if it works. its not my favorite. but it is all i can do.