Forex trade skill

Great ppl of like minded I am here to learn more about forex bcs I have lost a lot of money in forex trading hopeng to get the help.

Maybe you could explain how you lost lots of money. IMO, the causes are overtrading, revenge trading, gambling, and lack of both money and risk management. But also not being emotionallly able to close losing trades.

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making money from trading is really a challenging issue , need a most powerful analyzing trade knowledge

i hope your journey will be awesome but try to control your emotions and greed. this is the foremost enemy in trading life we have.

Welcome to the community, @greatgain02. How long have you been trading? Maybe you should try trading demo until you’re consistently profitable before trading live again.

besides this need also a reliable support from a credible trading broker , otherwise trading life can be useless.

Welcome to the community! The School here will help you understand the basics of forex trading. Take your time and do not rush into trading with your real money. I hope all goes well for you this time.

Hey everyone I’m a newbie and here to learn how to trade