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Hello everyone, I recently got into forex trading and a company called 4x-trade approached me. I wanna know if anyone knows this company and if you do know them I wanna know if they are reliable and regulated or they are just another scam. I want some help about that cause I dont want to put a great amount there and just lose my money. I consider joinning their team cause a financial advisor calls me in order to tell me what to do and he says that he has some information. I mean this sounds too good to be true and this is the exact reason I am asking your help. Thanks

choosing a broker is a very dedicated decision, we have to make sure cool mind when choosing a broker , because the broker can affects the result of our trading with certainly.

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we the traders should choose the broker which is more appropriate to the concept of trading that will be used , if love doing scalping should choose the broker which allows trading concept such as this.

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newcomers have to choose the right broker which always ensure security of funds including a wide range of trading facilities.

Well done on asking on babypips, you may have just saved yourself a lot of money and heartache. This is what we’re here for.

I looked around, couldnt find anything concrete. My opinion is it’s a scam and theyll steal your money. These financial advisers will pretend to make you money then ask you to deposit more and more. When you’ll want to withdraw he’ll ask for more money to withdraw and then close your account and delete everything.


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Use a regulated trader like Oanda.

Thanks a lot, really appreciate it. I think that you have just saved myself a lot of money and not me. Thanks again and have a great day.

First of all go for a regulated broker, then choose the broker who is offering ultra tight spreads and no markups with lowest commission.

I have never heard about 4-x trade so I can’t claim anything on that. But I am trading with Coinexx and AMP global since a year now. Out of both, Coinexx is my favorite as I can trade with high leverage with them and they have best trading conditions. These brokers are genuine and trustworthy so I can recommend them.

I agree with you @Sarah2701. In fact the licensing procedure is designed specifically to check out even the minutest details of broker operations.

I think this is one of the major myths. These companies can and have been working for decades without the seal of approval from any regulatory body, and yet have been benefitting many traders.

If that’s the case then why are the regulatory bodies set up? I mean there must be reasons behind it.

I can understand choosing a broker is a very crucial decision, although I have no knowledge about 4x-trade but there are so many brokers present in the market to rely on these days like fx view, icmarkets, fxpro etc. They are strongly regulated and offer decent conditions. Rest you can pick after testing them on demo.

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All I’m saying is that if your unregulated brokers provide you with the trading environment that ascertains your success and a range of instruments deemed important, what’s wrong in them?
I have been trading with turnkey forex for 4 years now and they have the lowest operating costs, bonus options, some of the best signals, analytical tools, and tight spreads. Never felt the difference since I’m also trading with etoro that is regulated and the features are nearly the same, except for the tag of course.

Honestly, I haven’t heard about this broker. Since you are a beginner so I will suggest you read its reviews on the various portals before investing a large amount of money. I did the same with my current broker which is Turnkey forex and I am really satisfied with it. It is important that the brokers you are dealing with are either regulated or if offshore, then it has to have a really good reputation in the market.

I agree with you Karry, there are many brokers that are reliable in the market. You can always check their demo for the trading conditions and that is how I went for the brokers like Oanda, IC Markets and Coinexx. Oanda and IC markets are the regulated brokers where Coinexx is an offshore. However, I have not seen much difference in their trading services. I have my main account with Coinexx because of the variety of promotions I can get with them. Recently, they have reimbursed 10% of my monthly deposit.

First, I am little confused by the term ‘joining their team’. What does it actually mean? Will you become a trader with them or something else? If it means trader, then I am not sure why you would go with a broker that you or anyone else has heard of. Just as you mentioned, it is really important to be sure about the broker and the safety it would provide to it’s client’s funds. I am using Coinexx, IG and XM and they are some good credible brokers with fine trading conditions.

I personally would avoid them for cold calling you. Decent brokers don’t need to do that.